Come Over and Help is a ministry that's main focus is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.

Taken from the COAH website:
COAH extends aid to Churches and Christians who have suffered or still suffer under hardship or oppression. Our vision is:
  • To help alleviate the poverty and deprivation that is still widespread in Eastern Europe by funding projects that foster self-reliance.
  • To raise awareness of the difficulties Eastern European people face, through presentations and various publications.
  • To provide information to our donors and supporters, on the work that God is doing in the hearts and lives of the poor and needy in Eastern Europe.
  • To work with pastors by providing them Reformed and Puritan literature to assist them in their studies and sermon preparation.
  • To provide pastors with theological instruction and training through conferences held throughout Eastern Europe.
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CURRICULUM 2014-2015

These are the resources we have chosen for a girl in grade 2, a boy in kindergarten and a boy preschool age. 

  • Grade 2: Alpha/Beta (Math U See)
  • Kindergarten: Primer (Math U See)
  • PreK: Count to 100
  • Grade 2: Busy Times, More Busy Times (Pathway Readers)
  • Kindergarten: PAL readers- when done PAL will be given a personalized Bible (Primary Arts of Language Reading)
Assigned Reading:
  • Grade 2: Grandmas Attic 2 and 3
  • Kindergarten: Level Readers from the library
  • Grade 2: PAL W Part 3/All Things Canada IEW (Primary Art of Language Writing from Excellence in Writing and All Things Canada from Excellent Resources)
  • Kindergarten: PAL W Part 1 (Primary Arts of Language Writing from Excellence in Writing)
  • Grade 2: # 2/# 3 HWT (Handwriting Without Tears 2 and 3)
  • Kindergarten: K HWT (Handwriting Without Tears K)
  • Grade 2: AAS Level 2 and 3 started (All About Spelling)
  • Gabe AAS Level 1 (All About Spelling- introduced halfway through PAL R program)
Family Subjects
Read Alouds
  1. Little Miriam of Galilee by E Martin
  2. The Quest for Comfort by W Boekestein
  3. How God Used A Thunderstorm by J Beeke & D Kleyn
  4. How God Stopped the Pirates by J Beeke & D Kleyn
  5. Moody Family Series: Summer With the Moodys by S Maxwell
  6. Autumn With the Moodys
  7. Winter With the Moodys
  8. Spring With the Moodys
  9. Amazing Stories From Times Past by C Farenhorst
  10. 52 Spurgeon Stories for Children Book 2 " The Milk's Been Stolen Again!" by T Hutter
  11. Little House on Rocky Ridge
  12. Rainbow Garden by Patricia St. John
  13. Blaze and Thunderbolt
  14. Blaze Shows the Way
  • Godly Composers
  • SOTW Volume 2
  • Answers in Genesis: God's Design for Life: The Human Body
  • James Herriot's Treasury for Children
  • Creating a Masterpiece:
  • Draw Write Now #1/#2
Extra Fun
  • Your Backyard Monarch DVD
  • Your Backyard: Beginners Guide to Identifying Feeder Birds DVD
  • Logic Links- Family Game that sharpens reasoning skills
  • Lessons in Responsibility for Girls Level 1 by Pearables ( Mia)
  • Christopher Churchmouse Audiobook
  • The Plan that Began Before Time by Sinclair Ferguson (Christmas)
  • The Donkey Who Carried a King by R.C. Sproul (Easter)
  • Unit Study on Australia for summer 2014
  • Climbers and Creepers Volume 1 DVD
Mommy Resources:
  • Homeschooling With a Meek and Quiet Spirit by T Maxwell
  • Keep the Faith by K Swanson
  • Calling all Moms by L Kenyon
  • Loving the Little Years by R Jankovic
  • The Well Planned Day Homeschool Day Planner
  • The Well Trained Mind by S Bauer
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HOMESCHOOL: Geography Finds

The last few weeks I've been trying to decide how to implement more Geography into our homeschool. Up until now we've been using the Geography Songs Cd along with world maps and a globe. I find it amazing how much the kids have learned from these tools alone! Having said that, I still wanted to add in a little more formal teaching because the kids are getting older and the interest is there.

My first stop was Pinterest where I found a great link posted by Lauren at Serving from Home. Lauren gave a quick run down on how she teaches Geography with a Missions focus. She recommended using the Children's Atlas of God's World  which I just happen to already own! I hadn't thought of using it for Geography though- thanks Lauren!

After that a friend of mine directed me to the Kids of Courage website. Kids of Courage is a website run by the ministry Voice of the Martyrs. There are pages upon pages of free resources available there! I think the Bold Believers Series is where we'll probably start.

My last stop led me to a fun little website called Little Passports. This curriculum looks so cool! I immediately thought how much enthusiasm would be sparked when the kids opened up the mailbox to a package addressed to them! Little Passports is not a Christian program however we intend to use it for the glory of God alongside the other resources we have found.  

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